Lunches, Twilight

Bring a Bottle for Twilight

Our April lunch was held at Le Rustic in Excideuil and nearly 40 members were
present with Leeanne Whitley of Twilight as our guest.

It was suggested (by a member) that we make lunch ‘bring a bottle’ – a bottle
of some cleaning product for Twilight.

Twilight uses gallons of disinfectant, washing up liquid, washing powder etc. to keep everything, and everyone, clean and sweet-smelling.

A few days before lunch, a list of ‘preferred items’ was circulated to everyone

The response and generousity of members was, as ever, overwhelming.
Leeanne’s van was overflowing when she left us.

As well as cleaning materials, members also brought along the ‘usual’
donations of old bedding, towels, food and money.

Well done everyone – and thank you!