Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning News!!

The Auberge du Pont will be closed for our next Coffee Morning so we are trying a different venue in Hautefort.



Chez Cathy Hautefort 1

Our monthly coffee morning are an opportunity for members (and guests) to get together, exchange news, be informed and to sometimes have the chance to buy items offered by other members such as cards, books and jewellery.

From time to time we invite people to make a presentation to the group on topics of interest.

Our usual venue is the Auberge du Pont, Cherveix Cubas (on D704)


and coffee mornings will be held once a month.


Coffee Morning and Film –  17th Sept 2019

The Coffee morning on Tuesday 17th September included the showing of a film about the NEDWA chosen charity for 2019, Nepal -Enfance et Lumiére. It was an atmospheric film capturing the beauty and hardship of an amazing country, explaining some of the anomalies of a very different culture. It also highlighted the essential work of the charity in identifying, assisting and sponsoring Nepalese girls, in some very challenging circumstances, to be homed and educated in a nurturing and loving environment.

There was a small stall selling beautiful handmade items from Nepal that attracted a lot of willing buyers!

Coffee morning 17:09 NEL2

Coffee Morning 17:09-NEL

Coffee Morning – 23rd July 2019

The extra Coffee Morning at Cherveix-Cubas this morning was arranged after the very well attended June Coffee Morning.  Once again there was a very good turnout, great cakes, some new faces and some old friends!!

Coffee morning July 2019 1Coffee morning July 2019 2Coffee morning July 2019 3