Book Club

We meet the first Tuesday morning of each month in Le Patio Cafe, 24160 Excideuil from 10.30 a.m., to discuss the book of the month. The books are chosen by vote from a list of suggestions from the members who present their choices at the end of each year.

Book Club 2

Members use e-readers or real books, and we can exchange books to help access various suggestions.  Current members feel they have been able to read many authors they would never have normally encountered, and feel they benefit greatly from being a member!

We also read a wide choice of brain teasing as well as popular books, and our discussions tend to be wide ranging and inevitably amusing! We do hope some of you may want to join us in discussing these.  Or maybe you would just like to come along and listen to see if you fancy reading the book under discussion.

We are linked with NEDWA (the North East Dordogne Women’s Association) but membership of NEDWA is not a requirement.  The Book Club welcomes women and men.


At our November meeting, we choose the books to be read each month for 2019 – here is the list – Excideul book club 2019-page-001

We have established the list which we view with much enthusiasm and feel that we’ll have much food for thought and some excellent discussions. As with all our groups, dip in or out as you choose, and should anyone be interested in joining us, even for the occasional month they will be more then welcome.

Should anyone feel like reading any of these, (or have already read them!) and sending their thoughts in to me, I will be very happy to include these in our discussion for that month, or you could attend the appropriate meeting as a guest.  I also hope some of you might be persuaded to join our Club on the strength of this list!

book club 2019 extra list-page-001


If anyone feels moved to join our Book Club, please contact Anne at:  They would be most welcome!