Our Charities

NEDWA is not a fund raising organisation.  Fund raising is not our main aim but, historically, we have had surplus funds available and it seemed sensible to put these to good use.

In the Autumn members are asked to nominate a charity with a brief explanation of its work, aims etc. and a link to a website or further information if appropriate.

This information of the various charities is then circulated to the members with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.  Members can vote for the charity of their choice by post, by proxy or at the meeting itself.  Votes are counted at the Annual General Meeting and the winner is announced.  The charity qualifies as our charity for the next calendar year.

Members can, of course, organise fund raising events for the charity throughout the year and we will advertise and support their efforts where we can and do, occasionally, organise specific events to raise money but reserve the right not to do so.

For 2019, members have chosen Nepal, Enfance et Lumiere – more details please click here