France Alzheimer – 2017


This year our chosen charity is Alzheimer’s France.  Our choice  resulted  from a very impassioned plea by Jenny Cox at our AGM.  She was an organiser and volunteer for this organisation and really wanted to spread the service they provide to the Dordogne area.  Sadly, Jenny died very suddenly just after Christmas 2016.

Jenny described to us the service and support which Alzheimer’s France can provide.  She was part of a network of people providing practical day-to-day support for sufferers and their families. Her intention was to extend the provision of  support to the English-speaking community around us.  Jenny recognised, through her own, first-hand experience, how hard it is to cope with a loved one with this disease or those related to it.  And, to do so in a foreign language is obviously even more devastating

Jenny recognised that there is a large English-speaking group in our area and that they too will not be immune from the reach of this disease.  So, our donations this year will go to support this work.  And perhaps some of us may want to volunteer to care and support sufferers and their families.

Nationally, Alzheimer’s France is set up with the aim of creating a world without Alzheimer’s disease.  They enhance the care and support of sufferers, advocate, educate and provide information for all.

We hope that once more NEDWA will be able to make a difference to the lives touched by this dreadful malady.