You may have missed ….

Members and guests enjoyed a very pleasant lunch in June at Le CocoPat in 24390 St. Agnan.  The sun shone and the wine flowed ……………


Those members of NEDWA who were at a recent coffee morning were treated to an interesting talk on the history of chocolate by chocolate maker Mandy Pattinson and a delicious taste of the real thing.  We were surprised to learn that cocoa beans reached France during the Spanish Inquisition and were first made into chocolate bars by Fry’s in England in 1847 although it was another thirty years before milk chocolate was made. Chocolate was marketed initially as a health drink.  We made the most of eating chocolate at the best time of day for giving a sense of well-being and tasted chocolate of differing strengths from white through to 98% cocoa.  Mandy brought along a range of the chocolate products she produces and at the end of her talk members made the most of the opportunity to buy some of her delicious wares.

April 2017 Coffee Morning with Chocoterie